In 1957, Daniel Dando joins the hostels and discovers the kayak that is practiced on the Loire. At this time the boats are in canvas, the frame is wooden, they are heavy and are nicknamed the freighters. To repair them, we use the brai, a Pasty residue from coal or oil. Paddles are wooden and flat.
A friend of Daniel working as a hull tracer at Dubigeon designs a shorter and lighter form of Mono kayak, 3 or 4 kayaks will be built. The ribs are in steamed beech and then curved.
Daniel made his 1st competition on the Scorff in 1962 with this Kayak.
In 1963, another friend of Daniel performing his military service in Brest and activist at Hostels, brings the plans of two-seater kayak, canvas kayak whose ribs are aluminum. Some fifteen boats will be built and the summer 1964, they descend the Aveyron (Daniel does his military service). In the summer of 1965, they descend the Ardèche.
In 1968, the first constructions of resin kayaks (cauchois) were built with the help of youth and sport. That same year, Daniel participates in a training course for Assistant Instructor in Savenay.
1971, Daniel joins the friends of nature.
1974, a new series of kayaks and canoes is built. Kayak Safari, Stoppers and Olympia. Canoes oumpapa.
Daniel continues to supervise the kayak outings as part of the activities of the friends of nature.
In 1980, the President of the Etoile sportive Couëronnaise asked Daniel and Jean Pierre Marchand to create a Canoe Kayak section within the star.
On June 11, 1982, Jean Pierre Marchand represented the Canoe Kayak section at the General Assembly of the E.S.C.
On June 17, 1982, the Steering Committee of the E.S. C, meeting at the secular Foyer under the chairmanship of Paul Charrier, decided to create a Canoe Kayak section.
On June 21, 1982, the Canoe Kayak section Office was formed with young people from nature’s friends. President: Charrier Paul
Secretary: Marchand Jean-Pierre Assistant Secretary: Dando Daniel